by Copperlily

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released March 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Copperlily Nashville, Tennessee

Husband and wife duo from Nashville, TN. Tim and Stephanie Skipper met while both signed to Gotee Records, Tim w/ the band House of Heroes and Stephanie as solo artist, Stephanie Smith. Sparks flew... Emotions ran high... Marriage happened. And then came music! Please enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: The Song of You and Me
I met a girl born in Oklahoma,
She was a sight to see,
Sweeter than Mexican Coca-Cola,
We got hitched in Tennessee.

Who knew we'd be together living out this dream,
Hold on to me,
We've got a great big world to see,
So let's sing,
Find the beat,
Harmony and melody,
Let's make the song of you and me.

I met a boy up in Chicago,
He didn't know me,
But he made me swoon with his vibrato,
And now the rest is history.

Whoa, I found you.

I found you when I least expected,
Now I'm never letting go.
Track Name: Every Chance I Get
Everyday for 20 years,
The story told you, “You should fear”,
That love will break and walk away,
I suppose it’s all I’ve known,
But who’s to say you wouldn’t go,
Like others have, I couldn’t handle that,

So I’ll tell you every chance I get,
And I’ll undo what history did,
For every day that you feared,
I’ll tell you twice until you hear that,
I’m not going anywhere,
I’m not going anywhere.

I’d do it all again somehow,
I’d win your heart, and take a vow,
But love you must decide to trust,
I had a record on repeat,
But you’re teaching me a new melody,
Your promise is like medicine,

So take my life now, I don’t need it,
What’s mine is yours, you best believe it,
Leave that old life far behind,
I’m yours, and you are mine.

So tell me every chance you get,
And you’ll undo what history did,
For everyday that I feared,
You tell me twice until I hear.
Track Name: Shadows Glow
Don't you run ahead now,
Don't you get to far,
Leave me in the dust or,
Keep me at the start,
I don't know what I'll do when,
When you hit your mark,

Don't you fly too high now,
Won't you come on down,
You're way up in the clouds,
While I'm here on the ground,
You're singing awful loud when I,
I can't make a sound,

Living in you're shadow well it's all I have known,
Baby don't you worry your light makes the shadows glow,
I'll be here waiting it's just not my time to go,
Baby don't you worry your light makes the shadows glow.

You can't help but light up,
You can't help but shine,
When you're doin what you love,
I see it in your eyes,
So I don't want to pin your wings,
It's your time to fly.

I'm on your side. Until the end of time, I am on your side.
Track Name: The Beautiful Unseen
Is a tree less alive, just because it’s leaves die?
Well nobody’s afraid when then colors change.

Is the sun not as bright, just because of the night?
Well nobody’s afraid when it starts to fade.

Cause we’re all taken by a mystery,
Can you believe what you cannot see?
Hidden doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Can a seed in the ground ever be again found?
Well who’s the one to know which seed will grow?

See the stars hanging high, way up in the earth sky?
Well who’s the one to say that’s where they stay?

Like the wind that passes us,
We cannot see but still we trust its there,
The beautiful unseen, in spaces between.

The wind will have its way with us,
When all our kingdoms turn to dust,
In time, wrong will be right,
Dark will be light,
And we will be free, Yeah we will be free,
And you will be seen,
Divine mystery.
Track Name: Lazy With Love
I’ve been wondering for some time,
Why’s it always gotta be baby, you against me?
I had somewhere in my mind,
That a couple’s s’posed to be something more like a team.

What happened to us?
In the back of a pickup truck looking at stars,
What happened to us?
Staying up late drinking wine sharing our hearts.

I’ve been wondering quite the same,
Cause you’re always on my back like you’re ready to attack,
You loved me enough to take my name,
And I’m doing what I can but I’m only just a man.

What happened to us?
Not a penny to our name but we were crazy in love,
What happened to us?
When all I had to give you was more than enough.

We got lazy with love,
Didn’t give it enough,
Let the edges get rough,
But that doesn’t mean that we’re through,
I made a promise to you,
That I would never give up,
Like oxygen to a struggling flame, I’ll do whatever it’s gonna take.

It seems our dilemma now is this:
Every time I ask for more, you act like it’s a chore,
I’m trying not to say “that’s what it is”,
Gonna try to hold the lid but I think I might explode.

What happened to us?
When life was simple and time was our friend,
What happened to us?
When your attention was something I held to no end.

Take off the mask that you hide behind,
Tear down the walls that you built,
Like oxygen to a struggling flame, I’ll do whatever it’s gonna take.
Track Name: Flash Paper
Some love is flash paper,
The thickest vapor,
The heaviest smoke.

Our love is a smoldering fire,
Sometimes brighter,
Sometimes left alone.

We began as a spark in the depth of the heart of hope,
Just a candle on the mantle of the darkest room in the soul.

Some love is a fire cracker,
A violent attacker,
A bloody assault.

Our love is a slow riser,
A little bit wiser,
A depth still unknown.

I'm just a man trying to understand how to love you.
With the heart of a sinner I can't be your savior, no matter how hard I try to.

Yeah, I'm just a man trying to understand how to love you,
And I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I do.

I will be there in the morning. I will be there in the night.
Track Name: Wishing Well
The wishing well it made me sick,
Cause I kept drinking out of it,
Going back over and again,
Thinking it’d be different then,

All those times I found it dry,
But others came, it brought them life,

When you want something so bad it drives you crazy,
It’s hard to swallow that it might just not be,
Right for you, the right time, or maybe,
All the while you were just plain crazy,

If hope differed makes the heart grow sick,
But a dream fulfilled brings life to it,
How do you know when to let it go,
Or hold on tight for a miracle?

All those times, I hoped and prayed,
My time would come, but never came,

While you wait you'll go insane oh,
Just you wait and see,
You'll go mad, you'll be just like me,
Just you wait and see.
Track Name: Telephone
I’ll show up at your doorstep so you look me in the eye,
You don’t get to hide from all those tears I cried,
If its over then its over, I won’t give it no more time,
But at least give me a moment where I get to say goodbye,

Don’t just hide behind a wireless line,
You’re a grown man and I thought that you’d know,
That I don’t break up on the telephone.

A coward hides in darkness and you’re standing in the shade,
I’ve realized in your silence that I’m better off this way,
If you don’t need the closure, guess I know now where I stood,
But after all those years I gave to you, I was hoping that you would,

I gave my heart and soul to this,
But you didn’t do the same,
I tried to carry your load on this,
But I could never pull your weight,
You gave up, don’t deny you gave up on me,
Track Name: Malia's Song
Hey there little girl,
I've seen diamond stars way up in the sky,
I've seen setting suns that make you wanna cry,
I've seen your mom and daddy bring you into life,

The day you were born,
I was caught up in some selfish little game,
Playing victim looking for someone to blame,
Then I held you and I'll never be the same.

Oh, Malia don't you know?
You're the prize to those who came before,
A joy that we have never known,

Wonderful and cruel,
Yeah this world will try to get the best of you,
Hold your heart close then break it in two,
But every morning you can start all over new.

Love's a simple song,
But sometimes you'll find it hard to sing in tune,
yeah sometimes you'll drop the beat and that's the truth,
But we'll never stop singing along with you

Broken nails and fairy tales,
Broken hearts and shopping carts,
And I hope that you find Jesus somewhere along the way,
And though I can't change your heart, I'll pray for you each day.

Oh, Malia don't you know?
You're a brand new shade of beautiful,
I praise the Lord each day for you, little girl.
Track Name: Winning Me Over
123, 223 dance to the beat,
Finding the rhythm of how this should be,
And you're winning me over,
Broken by someone other than you,
Left with the pieces your loves been like glue,
Slowly winning me over, winning me over,

With the past as my teacher the world felt unsafe,
Until you became present and changed everything,
And as you show me what you’re made of,
I’ll give you my love,
There’s a future for us, a future for us,
Cause you’re winning me over,

Take me to places I can’t go alone,
Walk with me forward into the unknown,
As you’re winning me over,
Whisper the truth when there’s lies all around,
Lead me with strength when my weakness is found,
You are winning me over,

Someday came suddenly and replaced the fear,
Past present future I hold your love dear,
Keep on winning me over.